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Countin' Calories!

count those pounds away...

Calorie Counters
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I started this community because I was sick and tired of dieting and then gaining weight back and re-dieting only a few months later. This time I am determined to not only lose weight, but change my lifestyle. I want to eat the right foods, the right amounts, and more. But, the catch is that I don't want this only for myself but for all of you who know where I am coming from.

So join in the community. Here's how it works.
1. Set yourself a reasonable calorie limit. Make sure that it's a healthy restriction, you don't want to little and you don't want to much. Pick a middle area where it's enough to lose weight, but you're not starving yourself.
2. Keep track of what you eat throughout the day, including the calorie amount and portion sizes.
3. If you can't remember it without writing it down, then do so. Create a "food journal" and record exactly what you eat.
4. Post your calorie intake for the day. Make sure to post your calorie "goal" and then post how many calories you actually consumed. Don't be embarassed if you're over your calorie amount, that's why I created this community, to create support for others who need it like I do.****
5. Once you start seeing results, post them! Tell us about your progress we all want to know!
6. Offer others support, if you see someone post about how they are struggling respond and give them some support, we could all use it at one point or time.

****If you would rather approach your weight loss from a different direction besides counting calories, this doesn't mean you can't post here. We want to hear about all forms of weight loss, whether you use slimfast or weight watchers..LET US KNOW!