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Hay update form me [Feb. 12th, 2007|12:20 pm]
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[music |Kerrang]

I am doig pretty well today have not eaten anything apart form a few sunflower seeds just to stop the dizzyness.

was thinking of having somthing really stogy to eat and thought no i will come on line and speak to some of you ! it has worked anyeay coz that huge craving has gone

i am finding my love in tea at the moment and chewing gum. the good thing about eating seeds is if you eat them one at a time its liek your eating lots of them so it takes longer and seems to work for me

i Then had some tea after my seeds and then just put some gum in and its been working so far.

Mum is out so i dnt feel the need to have to eat anything

:) how is it all for you girls ?